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Social Media Strategy Podcast - Pauline Stockhausen

May 10, 2017

Nat gave up her day job to help awesome women go from feeling stuck, trapped and uninspired, to rocking their own business with confidence and ease.

After growing her own profitable business, and spending more than a decade as a business consultant and coach, she knows that success is all about mindset, focus and consistency.

Through her 1on1 and group coaching programmes like Shapeshifter, Queen of Sales and Planning for Punks, she helps women clear the mental clutter and just freakin’ do it.


Natalie Tolhopf  

Catapult Your Business

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Show notes

  • Nats’ journey from chef to business coach
  • Having a masculine attitude towards taking action
  • How getting Bells Palsy taught Nat not to be afraid to be real online
  • Morning Biz warm-ups
  • Don’t fall for social media reel highlights or compare yourself to others
  • Repelling clients
  • Imperfect Action – Sell BEFORE you build
  • Tips for selling online
  • Over delivering
  • Using paid Facebook groups to drive accountability